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The Ball is an event for everyone, even if you are not a member of Teknologkåren or a current student. The dress code is formal with orders.


Ball lunch
The ball won’t end just because the club closes. The day after, the party continues with a ball lunch at Lophtet. The ticket includes food and one unit of alcohol or similar non-alcoholic option
Gift for the dinner partner
It’s customary to give a small present for your dinner partner (the person to the right – if male – or to the left if female). The present is usually something that increases the atmosphere during the dinner, for example candy or a game
The great hall in Kårhuset
Formal wear with orders
Ball dress, tailcoat or other formal wear with academical orders
Significant other
Your significant other will sit opposite you at the table during the dinner
Simple food, beer/cider and a snaps that is served at night after the dinner
Snaps ticket
A snaps ticket can be traded for a snaps or punsch during the dinner (only one punsch per person). Snaps tickets can only be purchased upon registration, they won’t be sold during the dinner.
Who you will sit together with during the dinner


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